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Volunteering at aquinta

A Quinta offers a unique opportunity to explore the many facets of regenerative farming.  Getting hands on experience and confidence, and often experiencing an overall transformative experience..

My time spent at a Quinta was one of the most amazing experiences of my life, I learned so much about sustainable living and permaculture, and the lifestyle and vibe of the whole place was very relaxed and natural...I met so many amazing people from all over the world here in my 2 months, I would recommend A Quinta to anybody!
— Mathew Tennant, Australia


A Quinta means ‘The Farm’ in Portuguese. It was set up in 2013 by Ferry and Francine, who migrated from the Netherlands into this wonderful gem in the Alentejo Region in southern Portugal, 22 km away from the Atlantic Ocean.

Our intention is to establish a diversified Permaculture Farm, which regenerates the soil and makes it fertile enough to contribute to a self-sustainable life. The farm is planned to be as autonomous as possible by using solar power, water filtering systems, compost toilets and a well-managed waste system.

Currently there are around seven people living on a long-term basis at A Quinta and they are working on finishing some of the buildings, on enlarging our fruit and vegetable garden, on creating a well-thought organizational structure, on animal care and whatever needs to be done. We are looking for motivated and passionate people that are willing to work around 30h/week and contribute with their ideas, skills and knowledge in their field of expertise to A Quinta.

Come and join us on the farm as a learner or skilled student and you will receive a warm welcome. You will work with us to achieve whatever needs to be done on the farm during that time to get hands on experience in many area's of regenerative farming..


We are looking for

  • People that are willing to spend a meaningful period with us (at least 2 weeks) and share and develop their knowledge in their fields of expertise or just want to learn about Permaculture
  • The will, passion and motivation to contribute to our project
  • Keep in mind that living in a community and working together can sometimes be challenging but it is always an experience one will grow from
  • We are a drug-free zone
  • We are an alcohol-free zone, except for special events
  • Please bring your own sleeping bag, towel and ecological soaps
  • Health insurance and VISA in order (non-EU)
  • It’s always good to have a back-up plan in mind, just in case the arrangement needs to be cancelled for some reason

What you can expect

If you have certain skills or knowledge we will be happy to give you the opportunity to share them with the community.

Daily tasks can be:

  • Gardening (Harvesting, Weeding etc.)
  • Greenhouse and tree nursery
  • Composting
  • Help with Eco building
  • Workshop work
  • Cooking and Kitchen help
  • Cleaning the house
  • Animal Care
  • Collecting and processing Firewood
  • Laundry
  • Supporting us with your perspective and opinion
  • Expressing your creativity in any way

We do receive many requests, but are limited in the amount of people we can guide. That’s why we would encourage you to plan ahead and also to add any references or experiences you might have, as this will help your application. 

After 2 weeks, we may evaluate how it’s working for both parties to continue the arrangement.


Come and join us!


Please complete the Volunteer application form here.  ✉︎






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