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A Quinta is a working farm based in the coastal natural park in South Western Portugal. The project is all about restoring the land using different regenerative agriculture methods like water management, holistic animal management and permaculture. We would like to inspire future farmers and anyone else interested in nature and growing food by spreading knowledge through this website, workshops, guests, internships open days, courses and connections.

Our holistic vision is to create a regenerative landscape for the production of food and fibre in a way that benefits all life. To be a place of education where participants will find purpose leading to meaningful actions and personal growth. These actions and regenerative examples will provide alternatives to the modern day deteriorating eco systems and societies. Nature healing humans healing earth.

A Quinta is about creating hope for future generations, problems created by certain beliefs and thinking, can easily be solved by a different way of thinking or maybe by stopping with thinking altogether and start doing…It will show what practical possibilities are out there in terms of reversing soil erosion and implementing land restoration, ecoconstruction, passion based learning, local food security and more

This project is for people who like to be part of a practical solution, creating more diversity in people and nature. Creating an optimal environment for or own inner nature.

Projects like this, on large scale, store carbon (co2) in the soil and will create clouds and rain. Exactly what the iberian peninsula needs. It will move people back to the countryside again, where they will have jobs and a more satisfying human existence.


Author Chris Johnstone describes Deep Ecology as a holistic approach to facing world problems that brings together thinking, feeling, spirituality and action. It involves moving beyond the individualism of Western culture towards also seeing ourselves as part of the earth. This leads to a deeper connection with life, where Ecology is not just seen as something 'out there', but something we are part of and have a role to play in. 


With a general growing desire for reconnecting with nature, we feel there is a need for offering a space where one can experience being in nature, living in a sustainable lifestyle while connecting with nature, themselves, others and the sacredness of life.  This by helping in the repair of the landscape to create a thriving ecology, community and economy.

We feel this can be achieved by;

  • Being an educational hub through courses, internships and retreats
  • Guest Accommodation 
  • Creating community by offering micro business opportunities within the farm project
  • Social, Economic and Ecologically sustainable practices
  • Nature healing humans healing nature

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