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From Lisbon: Take the Rede Express (www.rede-expressos.pt)  bus towards Lagos. This bus leaves the bus station next to Jardim Zoologico Metro station at 17.30 and stops in Sao Luis at 20.10, where we will be able to collect you.

From Faro: Take the train from Faro to Lagos, then the following morning you can take the Rede Express bus (www.rede-expressos.pt) from Lagos bus station towards Lisbon which leaves 8.30 and stops at the Sao Luis bus stop at 10.15, where we will be able to collect you.




A Quinta
Herdade da Lage
Caixa Postal 2316
7630 436 Castelao, Sao Luis

Ph: +31 625 292780
Email: hello (@) aquinta . org

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A Quinta (which is Portuguese for The Farm) is a project of which the idea started growing in our minds over 10 years ago. When learning about Permaculture, eco construction, natural medicine and natural animal management we soon discovered even greater possibilities through learning about Regenerative Agriculture and Holistic Management.

At a certain point we knew what we wanted to create, now it was a case of finding a suitable location. After searching some parts of the globe, somehow, as it often goes, this piece of land found us. By drawing us to that area through circumstances. It would seem that by pure coincidence (if such a thing exists) we, a family of four, found this lovely inviting property.

The perfect spot to realise our dreams of creating a regenerative farm together with others and to share the knowledge. A magical piece of earth to teach us how to re-educate ourselves and discover.

The farm project is home on Quinta da Lage, a property of 132ha situated in SW Portugal province of Alentejo, 8km inland from the Atlantic ocean near the lovely coastal town of Vila Nova de Milfontes.

The farm has many special features like valleys, forests, rolling hills, streams, lakes, sea views and magical spots. Until recently the farm had been used to graze cattle and for wheat production in a region which used to be called "the bread basket of Portugal'. 50 years ago a very productive farm, it then progressively became eroded, drier and more difficult to make it’s use economically viable.

The farm has a coastal micro climate and is based in an area with mild winters with moderate rainfall and relatively cool,dry and windy summers. The overall picture giving a brown, dry landscape in the summer and green winters (with appropriate rainfall).

A perfect place to create an agroecology and holistic management project to bring the land back to it’s potential of abundance, and sharing possibilities for future generations.





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